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Our technological production methods allow us to cut, bend, stamp, rivet, roll and comminute various materials.
We are also able to carry out single-stage and four-stage cold forming. 
And we are able to join materials by spot, inert gas and electric welding.
Window fittings
  • tilt/turn hinges
  • fittings for redevelopment, renovation and listed buildings
  • window fasteners
  • window hinges
Door fittings
  • multi-point locks
  • edge plates
  • door hinges for mortice joints, drilling in and screwing on
  • hinge connectors
Outer door fittings
  • garage door fittings
  • door mortice levers
  • door bolts
  • door hinges
Upper light opener
  • upper light opener for bottom-hung casements
  • double window couplings
  • angle drives